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Monoblock Tablet and Capsule Counting Line
Monoblock Tablet and Capsule Counting Line Smart Secondary Packaging Line Pharmapack secondary packaging line (PEL series) consists of cartoner,double side labeler, single side labeler, three dimensional wrapping machine, top labeler, case packer, check weigher, large character ink-jet printer, print & apply labeler and palletizer.

Monoblock Tablet and Capsule Counting Line


Max. Speed : 50 BPM



1.Smart Automatic Inspection Packaging LineMonoblock design with simplified structure and operation save more space and energy.

2.Through a sterile isolation cover and exhaust system to produce negative press to block foreign contamination,which is fully compliance with the production of toxic, irritating or odorous drug

requirements (such as cancer drugs).

3.Higher automation remote control system or SCADA are optional.

PP-0601CD Monoblock tablet and capsule counting line.jpg

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