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360° All-rond Inspection For Bottles And Vials
360° All-rond Inspection For Bottles And VialsEffectively prevent counterfeit medicine from entering the market and ensure the quality of medicines.

360° All-rond Inspection for Bottles and Vials

Product Features:

  1. Speed up to 300 BPM (200 BPM is standard);

  2. 6 cameras, 360 degree all around photo shooting to ensure catching the code in rapid rotation ,then transmit to data center; 

  3. Apply a unique code on product bottom by coding machine (continuous ink jet printer, laser printer, hi-resolution printer), the bottom camera scans the code then send to data center;

  4. All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling;

  5. Multifunction helps to achieve the best production efficiency.





Feeding method

Manual feeding

Rated voltage

AC 220~240V

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz

Power consumption


Bottle dimensions(L*W*H)



Bar code ,2D code




Track your products and trace their location.

For consumers to know that a medicine is genuine, products in the pharmaceutical industry need distinctive drug labelling and counterfeit-proof identification features. That’s exactly what Track and Trace ensures. Pharmacists, for example, can clearly identify the products and can track the transportation of every package end-to-end. This, together with a tamper-evident closure, creates security and confidence.

What are the benefits for this system? 

  1. Serialization, weight checking, coding, and Tamper-Evident labels for your product safety;

  2. All-in-one camera inspection system can effectively reject defective product on-line;

  3. Track and trace product and its package (bottle, box, case, bundle, tray and etc.);

  4. Apply a unique identification code to each product, to trace its own track.

◆ Quality tracing management, this helps you quickly trace the source and flow if any problem;

◆ Storage tracking management can improve your productivity and data accuracy;

◆ Circulation tracking management can quickly implement pre-warning and find out product location;

◆ Marketing tracking management helps to trace the after-sale feedback;

5. Comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and realize data real-time synchronization;

6. Timely and accurately save all information,then generate data chain for circulation tracking and tracing;

7. Effectively prevent counterfeit medicine from entering the market and ensure the quality of medicines.



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