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What Is The Labeling Machine/label Requirements?
Jul 13, 2018

Now we live in a variety of machinery, which labeling machine has been widely used in a lot of field records, for its use of people to bring a lot of help, when the sensor issued a labeling material ready to label the signal, the labeling machine driving wheel rotation. As the Reel label on the device for tension, when the bottom paper close to the peeling plate to change the direction of operation, the label because of its own material has a certain degree of strength, the front end was forced out, ready to label. At this point the labeling object is located just below the label, in the role of the labeling wheel, the implementation of synchronous labeling. What are the labeling requirements for labeling machines?

The following small series to introduce to you.

First, the processing quality requirements of the bottom of the paper on both sides of the flat, no break, to prevent tension changes when the paper cracking. Die-cutting to prevent the cutting through the substrate or damage to the silicon layer, the substrate and coated silicon layer is damaged simply to render the bottom of the paper or the adhesive in the label into the bottom paper, showing no mark and tearing the substrate phenomenon.In addition, in the labeling before the Web label to eliminate static electricity, because static electricity will form when labeling or the appearance of labeling ban. 

Second, the bottom paper: is also the control of active labeling important indicators.

Labeling machine requirements of the substrate surface coating silicon evenly, from the type of force common; thickness uniformity, a good tensile strength, to ensure that labeling machine labeling when not cracking, uniform thickness, a good light transmittance, to ensure that the sensor correctly identify the location of the label. 

Three, from the type force: Also known as stripping Force, is the label off the paper when the force. The strength of the adhesive is related to the variety, thickness and the condition of the substrate surface, and also to the ambient temperature when the labeling is applied. The force is too small, the label in the process of shipping simple drop mark (out of the bottom paper), the force is too large, the label out of the paper difficult, can not be marked.

Should be summed up the control of various technical indicators, labeling machine so that the type of force within a reasonable range.

Four, the appearance of data: The label's hardness is the key to the target, so the required appearance of the data must be the strength and hardness, the label hardness and the thickness of the data and the area of the label, so the use of soft film material, to properly add its thickness, a Manipulation in 100μm above.Thin paper type information, such as 60~70g/m2 labeling paper, generally not suitable for big labels, and suitable for processing into small labels, such as the standard Price tag used on the price gun. The poor hardness of the label will result in labeling, or labels with the backing of the roll, so that the active labeling failure.