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What Are The Construction And Basic Process Processes Of Labeling Machines?
Jul 13, 2018

As the name suggests, labeling machine of course is used to label, it is the mechanism and the basic process of the other mechanical equipment is not the same, compared to will be more complex a little bit, so in the use of it when we must first understand well, so that can "know the known, victorious."

Even if there is any fault can be handy to solve, the following small series to introduce the structure of the labeling machine and the basic process is what kind of:

The basic process of labeling machine: 

① is taken out of the label box by the indexing body.

The main guarantee of the number of bid to meet the requirements. 

② label transmits the label to the labeling part.

Usually in the process of marking, the completion of printing code, gelatinize and so on.

③ Printing code on the label printed on the production date, product batches and other digital.

④ coated with adhesive on the back of the label.The work is mainly done by glue-coating agencies.

⑤ labels glue the label to the container at the specified position.

⑥ rolling, ironing will adhere to the label on the surface of the container through rolling, ironing, so that it further affixed to the prison, to eliminate wrinkles, warping, rolling and other defects, so that the label affixed to the flat .

Whole, smooth, solid. The structure of labeling machine: the supply and delivery of containers. The general situation is to use both the guide groove and the conveying screw, or the transport star wheel and reciprocating plunger to arrange the container, and with the timer with the container to provide labeling machine labeling part. The container is operated in a labeled towel with a side-moving side and a rotary edge. Only two kinds of moving and not turning. The former with the Child Yan cylinder descriptor labeling, the latter can not only be used for circular simple container labeling, but also for special-shaped containers, such as labeling. After the flat-shaped container labeling, in order to make the label bonding better, often used in the container to touch the label method. The corresponding container transportation method also has the continuous type and the intermittent type two kinds.