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The Use Of Labeling Machine Common Sense How Much Do You Know?
Jul 13, 2018

How to make the labeling machine to play to the best working state, so that labels improperly affixed firmly, and beautiful, which requires our attention to be able to ensure that it play to the ultimate? About the use of labeling machine common sense how much do you know?In the application of labeling machine, we need to master some skills to improve the use of the machine, the following small series for you to introduce labeling machine using common sense. 

First, eliminate the effect of static electricity. Labeling machine labeling process is also very simple occurrence of static electricity, this will also have a bad effect on the labeling effect, the proper progress of the labeling site humidity, there will be a certain improvement. Labeling machine internal humidity automatic control, more able to control the internal cleanliness of the equipment alone, so that labeling away from the dust, progress in labeling quality products.In this way, the labeling process no longer has the phenomenon of warping, to achieve the perfect visual sensory function. 

Second, change the label shape. Make the bottom of the label arc, as far as possible to avoid sealing deformation area. Of course, the arc can not open too deep, otherwise, because the label itself is simply caused by the problem of wrinkles, add unnecessary trouble.About the opposite end of the label required to make the shape of the corresponding changes, so that not only to prevent warping can add beauty. 

Three.The use of soft label materials as far as possible, outstanding label ductility on the Warp will also have a great improvement. 

Four, add the label viscosity, as far as possible to make the label posted strong.

This role needs to be considered in the following ways: 

1, progress by the hose surface quality.

Most of the product appearance is excessive lubrication, will add the difficulty of labeling, the content of the exudation, etc. will cause the label to tilt up.

2, labeling machine in the labeling process to manipulate the label labeling pressure. 3, as far as possible control the labeling process temperature. Add the labeling temperature, will improve the labeling role, because with the increase in temperature, the activity of the material inside the object will be added, the label is simpler with the tube body blending. Just by looking at these aspects and using them properly, we can ensure that the labeling machine is labeled with a satisfying label function.