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Labeling Machine Has A Variety Of Types You Know?
Jul 13, 2018

We usually use a lot of mechanical equipment, such as labeling machine, but it has a lot of types, each type of shape, size, output type, etc. are not the same, today small series for you to introduce.

Labeling machine in a variety of types, the configuration has two labeling system, one for the servo system, the second for the stepping system, the difference between the two are very different, specific please see: 

1, the first in the labeling speed, servo-control labeling speed can reach 50-200 per minute, for users to adjust the interval is larger.and stepper control system is usually semi-automatic labeling machine, labeled 30-60 per minute, this type of equipment is often used in small and medium-sized production labeling machine. 

2, in addition to the labeling accuracy, functional parameters will also be different, servo-controlled labeling machine with high-definition touch screen, you can adjust the parameters in operation. Equipped with production number set function, production number set function, suitable for different production line requirements.

And the step system does not have the above parameters, the price is relatively cheap. Labeling machine automatic labeling equipment than manual labeling, semi-automatic labeling, has a huge advantage characteristics.

The following are compared according to the specific data: Labeling application: Manual, semi-automatic only for stand-alone use, the application of fewer products, strong limitations. and labeling machine automatic labeling equipment in addition to the use of stand-alone, but also with the production line to achieve seamless docking.High flexibility, wide range of applicable products.

Labeling accuracy: More than manual, semi-automatic labeling equipment labeling accuracy is not grasped, automatic labeling equipment is "stable" labeling is known.

The basic labeling accuracy to ensure that the 1mm. Labeling speed: More than manual, semi-automatic labeling equipment labeling speed with the artificial impact of large fluctuations, labeling per minute speed of 10 pieces between the range, inefficient and frightening. However, labeling machine automatic labeling equipment with a strong conveyor belt, light objects can be simple to achieve transport.

Servo system control stability, labeling speed per minute up to 200, in contrast, a machine can be up to 10-20 labor, cost significantly lower. The function parameters of the standard machine can not adapt to the labeling requirements of the manufacturer's products. Most of the semi-automatic labeling machine, labeling product types of large restrictions, without the addition of unique components can only use stand-alone, so the use of small workshop-type manufacturers in the majority. and labeling machine automatic labeling machine is different, a wide range of equipment functions, the role in the same industry products of different specifications, different position labeling, single confinements line can be used.