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Labeling Machine Commonly Used Several Labeling Methods Have What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?
Jul 13, 2018

Now many are automated, labeling machine has basically replaced the emergence of manual labeling time-consuming and laborious problem, but there are many types of labeling machine in the market, and the method of labeling is also several kinds, respectively, is the rub paste method, the blowing and sticking method of these three kinds, in fact, these methods have the advantages and disadvantages, So what exactly are they?

The following small series to introduce to you. The working principle of the blowing method: in the suction paste method on the basis of the improvement, the difference is that the appearance of the vacuum pad persists, the label fixed and positioned in a "vacuum grille", "vacuum grille" is a plane, covered with hundreds of small holes. Small holes are used to maintain the "air jet". These "air jets" blow out a tight air, the pressure is very strong, so that the label on the vacuum grid move, let it attach to the product.

The advantages of this method are high precision and reliability, while the defects are complicated process and high cost. The principle of suction paste method: When labeling machine label paper separate conveyor belt, is sucked to the vacuum pad, the vacuum pad to connect to the end of a mechanical installation. When the labeling machine is extended to the label and product contact, the shrink back, when the label attached to the product.


 This method has the advantage of high precision, but also suitable for the high difficulty of packaging products labeling process, the defect is the labeling speed is slow, and labeling quality is not good. The working principle of the method: in labeling, when the leading edge of the label to the local adhesion to the packaging, the product immediately take away the label. In labeling machine, as long as the package after the speed and label distribution speed differences, this approach talent victory. This is a requirement to maintain continuous operation of the technology, so its labeling efficiency greatly improved, more suitable for high-speed and efficient automated pharmaceutical packaging consumption line. When labeling the label of the leading edge of the local paste to the product, the product immediately take away the label. The advantage of this approach is the labeling speed, and the labeling accuracy depends on the product labeling machine speed and label allocation speed, if both speed, then the labeling accuracy, otherwise, labeling machine precision will be affected.