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How To Improve The Use Of Automatic Labeling Machine In The Technical Aspects Of The Effect?
Jul 13, 2018

With the development of science and technology and automation, automatic labeling machine equipment has been more and more widely used.

In order to effectively improve the automatic labeling machine labeling effect, to minimize the phenomenon of trademark folding or clamping, the need to improve the labeling machine system in a timely manner. First, the Sup drum on the stainless steel mat into the tendon mat bar.

The actual operation of the time, has used stainless steel mat, nylon mat, tendon mat.

At present, the automatic labeling machine has been widely used tendon mat, with the following advantages.

First, according to the beef tendon label, you can have a good resilience, to minimize the removal of drum marks when the phenomenon of clamping.

Second, the tendon mat has a better coefficient of friction, the appearance of a comparable lubrication, can be successfully taken the mark.

Third, equipment wear slow, can be used for a long time stable use: In the original three row trademark machine brush under the premise, and then add two rows of brush, in order to be able to comprehensively improve the strength of the brush, to ensure that more flat to stop labeling.

Before labeling, the need for appropriate device oblique brush, about the 70° angle.

First, labeling machine appropriate to participate in the sponge roll, so as to timely change the labeling machine in the middle part of the bubble, warping, folding phenomenon.

The second is that the sponge roll is softer than the light, not only does not harm the bottle body, and will not wear the trademark.

Three is the sponge roll in front of the appropriate erection of brush, to the back of the label to stop brushing, sponge roll again crushed Pressure back label, to ensure that the more smooth.

Improved labeling machine equipment, the progress of the 2%~3% OPQS score, scoring can reach 97~99; reduce the wear of 0.18 label paper, so that can effectively deal with folds, bubbles, clip printing and other issues, to ensure that automatic labeling machine has more good application effect.

The function of automatic labeling machine: 

1, the overall performance of the equipment upgrade, compared to semi-automatic labeling equipment, automatic labeling machine labeling accuracy error stability, maintained in the ±1mm range. Labeling process from manual control into a fully automatic completion.

While increasing speed, reduce labor cost, and equipment support 7x24 long time operation. 

2, the completion of the same type of product labeling, first of all, note: Automatic labeling machine is a large equipment category, and according to the different labeling products, labeling the different locations are subdivided into round bottles, planes, cards, film, special equipment. Can complete different uses in detail.