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How To Improve The Use Of Automatic Labeling Machine Effect?
Jul 13, 2018

There are many types of labeling machines in the market, automatic labeling machine is one of the most commonly used equipment, because it is the use of automation technology to improve the people brought a great convenience, in order to effectively improve the labeling machine automatic labeling effect, a large extent to improve some bad factors, It is necessary to improve the automatic labeling machine system in time, the Sup drum on the stainless steel mat into the tendon mat bar.

Let's take a look at the following:

At present, automatic labeling machine has been widely used in the tendon mat, with the following advantages:

First, according to the label of the tendon, you can have a good resilience, a large limit to remove drum mark when the phenomenon of clamping.

Second, the tendon mat has a better coefficient of friction, the appearance of a comparable lubrication, can be successfully taken the mark.  Third, the equipment wears slowly, may use for a long time stably.

In the original three row trademark machine brush under the premise, and then add two rows of brush, so that you can fully progress brush

Tight strength, to ensure more flat to stop the labeling.

Before labeling, the need for appropriate device oblique brush, about the 70° angle.

First, automatic labeling machine to participate in the sponge roller, so as to timely change the labeling machine in the middle part of the bubble, warping, folding phenomenon.

The second is that the sponge roll is softer than the light, not only does not harm the bottle body, and will not wear the trademark.

Three is the sponge roll in front of the appropriate erection of brush, to the back of the label to stop brushing, sponge roller again rolling back, the protection becomes increasingly flat. Improved automatic labeling machine equipment, the performance of a lot of progress, so that can effectively deal with wrinkles, drums, and other issues such as clamping, to ensure that the labeling machine has more good application effect. Want to deal with automatic labeling machine marking the need to change the shape of the label, the bottom of the label into an arc, as far as possible to avoid sealing the deformation zone. Of course, the arc can not open too deep, otherwise because of the label itself easily provoke up wrinkles, increase the need for trouble. For the special-shaped closure of the request label to make the appearance of the corresponding changes, so as not only to prevent the warping also can increase beauty.