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General Knowledge About The Use Of Labeling Head You Know What?
Jul 13, 2018

Now people for the use of labeling machine more and more widely, basically has replaced the traditional manual operation method, but on the use of labeling head common sense you know? Ming people do not say dark words, the following small series to introduce to you. How to make the label head play to the best working state, so that labels improperly affixed strong, and elegant. What aspects of our needs to pay attention to the ability to ensure the best effect?

In the use of mechanical time, the control of some skills can be a full improvement in the application of the machine value. 

First, eliminate the effect of static electricity. Labeling process is also very easy to produce static electricity, which will have a bad effect on the labeling effect, the proper progress of the labeling site humidity, there will be some improvement. Labeling machine affixed to the head of the internal humidity control, more able to control the internal cleanliness of the equipment, so that labeling away from the dust, progressive product labeling quality.In this way, the labeling process no longer has the phenomenon of warping, to achieve a satisfactory visual sensory effect. 

Second, increase the viscosity of the label, as far as possible to paste the label strong.

To reach this effect, the labeling head should be considered from the following aspects: 

1, progress by the appearance of hose quality.Large parts of the product appearance too lubrication, will increase the difficulty of labeling, the content of the exudation will provoke up the label.

2, in the labeling process to control the label labeling pressure. 

3, as far as possible to control the labeling process temperature.

Increase the labeling temperature, will improve the labeling effect, as the temperature increases, the activity of the material inside the object will increase, the label is easier to blend with the tube body. 

Third, change the appearance of the label. Make the bottom of the label arc, as far as possible to avoid sealing deformation area. Of course, the arc can not open too deep, otherwise because of the label itself easily provoke up wrinkles, increase the need for trouble.About the opposite end of the request label to make the appearance of the corresponding changes, so as not only to prevent the warping also can increase beauty. 

Four. The label head as far as possible use of soft tag data, good label ductility on the warping will also be greatly improved. Those who have advanced technology content range of consumer manufacturers, pay great attention to the development of intelligent automation in one of the High-tech labeling machine labeling head.

Whole Industry once had a lot of history. Especially in recent years, the development of the national economy with the rapid development of the industry, the supply of the market is also an unprecedented increase in quantity. People's life and death level is greatly increased, the request for goods is also growing, which also allows labeling machine labeling in the industry to stop the promotion of time and again, the process of change, but also greatly enhance the consumer business in all aspects of the strength, in the process of accumulating experience, Also let our domestic labeling machine value has been maximized.