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Automatic Modular Counter For Capsules,Tablets
Jul 24, 2018


◆ Increasing the vibration speed up to 50% by new 8-track vibrator, the counting speed of each track increases 50%.

◆ New 8-track structure speed match old 12-track, speed up to 12000 tablets/min.

◆ New servo control with self-detection to replace old cylinder, the flapper free of dust effect,more stable, longer life-span, lower maintainence cost.

◆ Multiple modular design concept, from 1 to N, can better meet different customer requirement.

◆ Each modular is independent, the flapper window is visible, easy for cleaning and convenient for maintenance.

◆ Less track, more compact, less space to occupy.

◆ Applicable to pills,tablets,capsules,and other relevant products.