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Automatic Labeling Machine Failure How To Resolve In A Timely Manner?
Jul 13, 2018

With the present age basically relies on the machinery to carry on, automatic labeling machine is one of them, but also we usually use more common, automatic labeling machine work is divided by the distribution of links at the same time, each link inside will have a corresponding equipment, sometimes we use the machine when there will be some fault, So automatic labeling machine failure how to solve in time?

The following small series to answer for everyone.Automatic labeling machine problems, there are only two cases, one for improper operation, the second is improper maintenance.

Automatic labeling Machine Operation Improper Solution: 

1, the appearance of the leak mark, not out of the mark, or a series of issues such as heavy mark.These conditions can be found only on the basis of the operational Manual of the equipment. 

2, if you encounter labeling dislocation, touch the technical problems more, under normal conditions, the center of the label and symmetrical on both sides, the label is perpendicular to the container appearance, the Label Box Center line, the center axis of the mark station and the label paper Tangent, the central axis of the plate three points into a line, adjust the plate and label paper tangent (0 interval), Then move the box closer to the 1mm~2mm. 

3, turn the automatic labeling machine equipment switch, the indicator is not bright, automatic labeling machine first check the equipment fuse and relay can burn, change can be. If the indicator light is on, the device does not rotate or the speed of rotation is slow, then immediately turn off the switch, stop the rotation axis check, add smooth agent, continue to operate. Finally, pay attention to equipment maintenance.

A good maintenance cycle allows labeling equipment to use a stable, long service life.

Automatic Labeling Machine labeling crooked how to deal with it?

Stop Automatic Labeling machine operation (This is the most important step, remember not in the operation of the search for processing methods)

1. Check both sides of the labeling head can be loose, with the factory configured tools to stop the stability.

2. Check whether the coil label can be loose or uneven speed,

Take the oil smooth,

3. Check operating system parameters, to prevent the equipment under the same parameters to stop the labelling of different products 

4. Finally, adjust the labeling head, separate Put the labeling products, in the walk band, whether shaking, vibration before the first three steps must be in the operation after the shutdown.

If the above four kinds if cannot handle the labeling crooked The problem. Please do not disassemble the internal parts of the equipment without permission, and transfer the professional to stop the equipment maintenance.