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Sides or Circumference Labeling Machine
Sides or Circumference Labeling MachineThis machine suitable for different kinds of square, flat, pyramid, conical bottles, as well as round bottle side and the complete cycle labeling.

Sides or Circumference Labeling Machine PLB-3120TS

Thechnical Parameteres:




Max. label dispensing speed

60 m/min

Max. output

Single side: 200BPM

Circumferential: 120BPM

Dependant on bottle and label size 

Applicable Scope

1. Length: 30-250mm, Thickness: 12mm-160mm, Height: 30-300mm. Apply to square, rectangle,   flat square, pyramid bottles.

2. Diameter (cone major diameter): Ø30~120mm, Round & Conical bottle (cone angle at centre≤30°).

3. When apply to side/circumferential labeling, the cap must be cylindrical. The cylindrical cap should be higher than 6mm (cylindrical surface shouldn't have any raised hinge, cap brim, etc.), cap diameter shall be 10-80mm. Cap axis and bottle axis should be parallel, and the axes should be vertical with the bottle bottom surface. Cap and body should be closely combined with (tightening, pressure or other connection mode). In the continuous unidirectional torque, when rotary the cap make the bottle continuous unidirectional rotates, the cap and bottle should not rotary relative. Bottle can be rectangular, square, flat or other developable surfaced prism, trustum of a pyramid. The maximum dimension of bottle section should be 150mm(L)*150mm(W).


If the top diameter is larger than the bottom diameter, the behind bottle will fall down when there   are two bottles get together.

Labeling accuracy

Single side : ±1.0mm

Circumferential : ±1.5mm

Dependant on label size and quality

Power supply

AC220V 50HZ 



Air pressure


Air consumption

50L/min,clean air

Conveyor height


Measurement(L×W ×H)

Appro : 3000mm*1290mm*1670mm


Approx. 480kg




(The photo is for reference only)



1.Apply to different kinds of square, flat, pyramid, conical bottles, as well as round bottle side and the complete cycle labeling.

2.Continuous running without impact, high speed, high accuracy and less bubbles. More suitable for flat bottle whose have big differences in length and width.

3.Easy for operating. A lot of optional accessories for various bottles.

Single Side Labeling

Feeding→Separating→Conveying→falling bottle detection and rejection→Top belt clamp→Sending Label(Printing and detect printing)→Stroke Label→Detecting label→Rejecting the one without label →Collecting

Circumferential Label:

Three sides labeling

Separation wheel separates the bottle and correction belt correct the direction. Conveying by top belt and main belt, the center of the label will stick on one side of the bottle (two ends of the label are empty). Then, the rotary device will rotary the bottle 90 degrees, and the stroke device on two sides will make the label stick on the other two sides.(Refer to the below picture)


Four sides labeling

Base on the three sides labeling, after stroking the label on the other two sides, it has another stroke device to put label stick on the fourth side. (Refer to the below picture)



Tapered Bottle Circumferential Labeling (Axial Orientation, circumferential not Orientation)

(The principle is same as Square bottle wrap-around labeling)

Single row standing position feeding – bottle dividing-transportation- (* Rejection system of fallen bottle) - top belt clamping – label dispenser (* label print, * print content detection) stick label onto bottle’s body side- turning 90 °to make label in the windward side - two sides labeling- labeling complete - (* missing labeling detection) - (* unqualified labeler rejecting) - single row standing position discharge-(* stands for optional items)-(Refer to the below picture)



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