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Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner
Intermittent Motion Horizontal CartonerThis machine is widely suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical and other relenvant products.

Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner PBI-12

Technical paremeters:





60 pcs/min

Depentant on carton and   product size and shape.

Carton   size


Leaflet size

Max: 200mm×320mm

Min: 90mm×90mm 

Power supply

220V 50/60HZ

Power absorption


Air pressure


Air assumption

50L/min clean air






PBI-12 intermittent motion horizontal cartoner has been designed to conform to GMP standards. Minimum space is required for the installation of this machine due to the extremely small footprint.


Designed for automatic cartoning of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, the PBI-12 incorporates the "Balcony" type frame construction. This design places the main drive and auxiliary movements to the side of the carton transport mechanism.This allows complete accessibility, for cleaning , maintenance, inspection and size changeover operations.


The “Balcony” design also prevents carton dust and debris from falling into the main drive components. The carton pick-up and positive opening mechanism is patented and uses a triple vacuum arm system with suction cups. This system holds the carton on two panels which guarantees perfect squaring of the carton  before introduction to the transport belt assembly.There is no carton contact with metal rails as the transport belts travel with the carton.

The carton transport system consists of scratch-proof white plastic toothed belts to insure package integrity, even when processing cartons with a high gloss finish. Cartoner is ideal for handling fragile or delicate products including cartons with internal liners.


It uses accurate mechanical movements and reliable feeding systems. Size change-over is very quick and simple with adjustments made through digital indicators. In most cases, no tools are required for the changeover procedure.


It uses pre-glued cartons and can accommodate reverse  or straight tuck closures. The machine can also be ordered with a "hot-melt" system for glue closure of the end flaps. A combination of tuck closure and glue closure can also be used.


The machine is controlled through a PLC and has an LCD operator interface display. This display is used for operator assistance during production and size change-over, Electrical wiring, noise level and operator’s guards are in accordance with European standard.



◆ Pre-folded leaflets

◆ Embossing or ink coding device

◆ Automatic infeed for bottles , jars, blisters, tubes, vials etc.

◆ Code reader and verification

◆ Carton ejection of incomplete cartons

◆ Liner forming and insertion unit

◆ Extension for infeed conveyors


Various applications:


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