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Leaflet Inserter POS-12

Technical Parameters:




Max. Speed

120 bpm

Depend on container material

Bottle Dimension

Dia.:Φ30~Φ100mm; Height: 55~200mm

Size changeover parts required

Booklet Dimension

Min:30(L) ×30mm(W)×3mm(H)

Max:70(L) ×70mm(W)×9mm(H)

Power Supply

AC220V 50/60HZ



Air Pressure

0.5~0.7 Mpa

Air Consumption

Approx.200L/min clean air








(The photo is for reference only)

Leaflet Inserter POS-12 has the function of putting the blister products or other products and leaflet into one box synchronously.The machine having the ability of folding leaflet, coding batch number, putting blister package or pillow package into box and stacking.It has high efficiency and good quality. The whole working process is controlled by PLC, photoelectric monitor, transducer, and wording display. If there is any problem during the working process, the machine can stop automatically and display reasons so that the problem can be solved in time.



◆ The system uses micro-computer controls with touch screen. Parameter adjustments are convenient and visual.

◆ Capable of applying booklets on caps with various sizes.

◆ The (optional) barcode reader can validate different barcodes and missing booklets.

◆ The detecting sensor is not affected by electrical noise or ultrasonics, which ensures accurate booklet appllication.

◆ Cabinet base, conveyors, barrier and fastening hardware are made of stainless steel and aluminium material which conforms with GMP regulations

◆ The timing screw is used to position and syncronize the bottles with the vacuum nozzle to ensure proper and accurate booklet placement.

◆ System control parts meet international standards, and have passed strict quality inspection and testing.

◆ Easy to operate and maintain with advanced monitoring and alarm system.



Folded booklets are manually placed on the magazine conveyor, and then grasped by a vacuum nozzle on the rotary axis. The rotary axis keeps rotating. When a bottle is in position, a sensor sends a signal to the PLC, and the PLC signals the glue dispenser to eject glue on the cap. The vacuum nozzle then places a booklet on the cap.

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